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XR-01 Portable X-RAY XR-01R

Product Information

XR-01® units are the most important equipment in dentistry" is a perfect portable match to your current CBCT system.

Compact in size and its portable to use it in a comfortable manner. Beside, this unit is highly ensured with safety standards owing to its minimum exposure time with low radiation environment,

and high efficiency for shot radiography gives high-quality images.

Portable X-Ray XR-01 Offer hug rechargeable battery enables easy shooting and keeping everywhere.
Display image can be compatible with PSP , sensor and film leading to the convenience of operations.

XR-01 is design with a hand strap, also simple operation, compact size to make you easy operate it by one hand only. You can use hands for holding X-ray, or the other holder for positioning to controlling the position.

Product Characteristic:

‧ Maximum battery capacity

Rolence Portable X-Ray provides a 2,900 mAh rechargeable lithium battery as a power source.

More than 450 exposures can be obtained from one-time charge.

‧ High quality guarantee

Offer latest and highest technical specification of Canon d-045 among portable X-ray devices.

‧Easy and convenience operate
Simple and easier operation interface can make user take quick exposure by applying
a preset value, cordless, easily and transportable.

‧High-grade image display
Compatible with sensors, film, and PSP
under 0.4 mm focal spot produces sharp, high-resolution images

‧Lowest risk
Ergonomic design and reliable safety reduces the risk,
protects users to stay with the patient during X-ray procedure.