Dental Device

Ultrasonic Magnetostrictive Scaling

Elitedent MS-10B

Product Information

Rolence Elitedent® Magnetostrictive System
Dual-frequency ultrasonic scaler
Accepts both 25Khz and 30Khz inserts

Magnetostrictive system brings our customers gently ultrasonic , speeds steady with standards and more. We also keep up with the innovative and creative design concepts into the dentistry friendly with ease & convenience.
by incorporating the dentists’ needs into the product design , and eventually to make our products to be user-friendly with easy, convenience.

1. Dual frequency ultrasonic system_ (25Khz/30Khz)
The hand-piece of ergonomic with fashion device outlook design to upgrade user comfortable and simple maintenance
2. Medical-material hand-piece are detachable, autoclave and long lasting
3. Lightweight, simple grasp while clinicing accuracy
4. Rolence Elitedent® MS system is current manufactured product for the "" periodontal diseases,root canal cleaning irrigation, and implant cleaning. To achieve prevention and maintenance in one time clinic, precision, easy maintenance and compliance with the highest hygiene of CE, FDA ,and ISO standards.

"High safety, comfortable and suitable in clinic life."

1. To be available into all kind with dental unit and chair side dental delivery system
2. DUAL FREQUENCY:Acceting 25K and  30K insert with auto-detecting, make user comfortable.
3. DETACHABLE HANDPIECE:Can be autoclaved in high temperature 135℃.

‧Main unit dimension: 3.4 cm (H) x 10.0 cm (D) x 12.7 cm (W)
‧Power input : 240V AC
‧Max wattage consumption: 80W
‧Cable Length : approx. 2.2 m
‧Weight: 340 g

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