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Rolence Enterprise Inc. headquartered in Taiwan, develops, manufacturing & innovation on small equipment of Ultrasonic Scaler, Portable X-Ray, Digital Sensor and LED Curing Light...etc. For over 40 years, we are an international supplier of dental equipment for various companies .

Multi-innovative developments & processes, proven know-how and high-quality have given us a leading position to our customer. and keep up with the innovative and creative design concepts into our products chain by incorporating the dentists’ and other technology industry needs.

Beside, with further office locations will be in Germany, we will keep expanding our office establish in different country afterward, and supporting our customer latest information, product training, and marking media to increase your business, that’s why we are approaching you to present ourselves & the products to reach a good cooperation in the future.

Service Items

Dental / Lab curing equipment

Rolence Enterprise Inc. management system is certified with ISO 13485(2016), and GMP approved by the Ministry of Health (Taiwan, R.O.C). We’s got CE mark (EC standard complaint) and product registration in U.S. FDA.

Import / Distribution

Rolence is not only a manufacturer in Taiwan, but also doing import and distribution of foreign equipment and medical products, kindly contact us and let us know your demand.


Rolence is an international supplier of OEM products for various companies, OEM products to extend to many different products, such as architecture tool, shoe soles, 3D printing, medical device, and of course our main dental small equipment.

Latest News


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  • Tokyo Dental Show

  • World Dental Congress_WDC

  • Vietnam Medi-Pharm Expo

  • Malaysia Dental Show_MIDS

  • Colloquium Dental(Italy Dental Show)

  • EuroPerio10 Congress


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Online consultation


No. 18-3 , Lane 231, Pu Chung Rd., Chungli Dist., Taoyuan City, Taiwan R. O. C. 32083


+886-3-463-1999 Ext#10


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